Revenue Assurance

TID Rollover

All STS prepaid meters in South Africa need to be rolled over to the new STS version by November 2023. Our system is now compliant to the new version and we offer municipalities a solution for the rollover to be completed on time.

Assuring Electricity and Water Revenue for Municipalities

Our core purpose is to assure municipalities that we will collect their revenue for water and electricity services delivered to customers. We make sure the right amount is billed and the revenue is collected promptly.

No-Risk Funding of Metering Audits and Meter Replacements

Cigicell has the appetite for investing in municipal metering infrastructure at risk, meaning we only get paid for our services if we demonstrate an improvement in revenue collection as a result of the work we do for the municipality. Therefore there is no financial risk to the municipality, only upside.

Specialist Large Power User Audit Team

Municipalities predominantly earn most of their revenue from Large Power Users (LPU). It is critical to ensure that the correct NERSA-Approved tariff is being used per LPU and that the meter is installed correctly and being read remotely (AMI).

Plugging Revenue Leaks for Municipalities

We have the ability to implement energy and water balancing methodologies which will pinpoint where there are revenue leaks in the municipality infrastructure.

Eradicating Ghost Vendors

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Reconstruction of Under-Billed Electricity Accounts

NERSA allows municipalities to reconstruct erroneous accounts by up to 36 months in arrears. Cigicell has a team of expert account re-constructors who will do all the necessary research, paperwork and final reconstruction of the account. We also provide the municipality with expert witnesses should the customer dispute the findings and the matter goes to a court of law.

Refinancing Eskom Debt

As part of our revenue assurance ecosystem, Cigicell has the financial capacity to assist municipalities with re-financing their debt owed to Eskom for electricity usage. Our financial experts offer a detailed package solution with the main aim being to leave the municipality in a far better financial position.

Emergency Electricity Solution

Cigicell is pioneering the emergency prepaid solution, offering customers who need a small amount of prepaid electricity in an emergency the ability to take an advance from Cigicell and repay us when they top-up again through the regularchannels. This solution has been approved by NERSA.

Credit Control and Data Cleansing

Cigicell offers municipalities the full array of credit control and data cleansing solutions. It is vitality important for municipalities to penalise customers who break the law by tampering with municipal meters or customers who refuse to pay for services delivered to them by the municipality. Cigicell has systems which will ensure that customer data is cleaned up and geo-located using the latest technology. Penalty notices are delivered and resultant disconnections and/or reconnections are carried out efficiently.

Meter Tamper Detection

Our systems allow us to alert the municipality as soon as a small,medium or large power user tampers with their meter.

Full Smart Metering Solution

Our Smart Metering solution facilitates the implementation of Time of Use tariffs for residential customers. It also allows load limiting and remote disconnections/reconnections of customers. It affords the municipality revenue and technical departments a real-time view of the status of their prepaid meter base.

Arrears Collection via Prepaid Purchases

Municipal debt amount is loaded onto the customer’s prepaid meter and a percentage of prepaid purchases is automatically allocated to the debt. We believe this is the single most efficient way for a municipality to collect debt.